8 struggles of a long distance relationship

Long distance relationships are not the easiest, is we could say so they are the worst. Sure, all relationships are hard, but in a LDRs are even harder.

break ke baad

These are some of the some of the struggles that LDR couples face.

1. Different time zones: A fact, even if you live in the same country your schedules just never match! 

2. You get jealous at the things you always thought as significant : Hanging out with your friends? Why can’t you snapchat with me instead. (*voice in your head* what if he/she like someone else?)

3. You are dating your laptop or your mobile phone. And your friends are not happy!

4. You have no plus one. Ever! Which means you secretly hate your friends who are dating people from the same area.

5. You rarely have time to do anything when you see each other. All you probably want to do is stare at their beautiful face.

6. Once in a way you are in for a reality check. Especially when those annoying people tell you LDRs don’t work.

7. The possibility of growing apart. Well, what if you need immediate

8. No one tells you how hard it can really be.

However, all said and done nothing can be more fulfilling than being in love with a person who wants you too, equally or even more. Long Distance Relationships or just regular dating, love can move mountains. Hey, cause some people are worth melting for!

All sound familiar? Tell us about your struggles in the comments below!