7 men share the most adorable thing about their girl

The little things that guys notice about their women will melt your heart! 


“Whenever she sees a stray kitten, she has to take it home, fed it, bathe it and then find it a home.” Arjun, 26

“I love when my girlfriend giggles. When I hear her laugh, I can’t help but smile.” Akhil, 22


“I love when she comes and slips into bed right next to me and we just sleep. Waking up to her just makes me so happy.” Daniel, 30

“I secretly love the fact that she holds on to me, so tightly, when we are watching a horror movie.” Alex, 23


“The way her hair falls onto her face and she tucks it behind her ear.” Manav, 22

“When she’s dancing and just doesn’t care.” Ashwin, 30

“When she looks in the mirror and can’t decide if she wants to tie her hair or not.” Varun, 25