5 tips to look taller without wearing heels

If you are naturally tall then that’s a gift of nature. If you are petite then that too is a gift of nature. Except, sometimes, the petite ones may want to look taller for some reasons. It is good to embrace your natural shape and form, and who you are. But in terms of fashion, you can always experiment with your looks if you feel like trying out new things. Indian women are on an average are 160-165 centimeters tall. Sometimes, they want a taller stature, but the question is whether it is possible to look taller without wearing heels? Yes! It is indeed possible to create an illusion of having a taller height on the observer. Of course, one has to be practical and admit that one cannot be made very tall if he/she naturally isn’t tall but one can create an illusion on the observer to seem taller and slimmer. Here are the 5 tips to look taller without having the need to wear heels (because let’s face it, nobody can wear heels for a very long time, they are extremely uncomfortable).

Wear stripes especially vertical stripes create an illusion that you are tall. Horizontal stripes will make you look out of proportion so go only for vertical stripes.

Wear monotone colour – one uniform colour without breaking your body into different shades gives an illusion of a tall person.

Wear your pant or skirt higher than (a bit above) your real waist – this too creates an illusion of elongated legs.

Wear beige clothes (especially pants) or the colour of clothes that match with your skin tone. This makes your skin seamlessly merge with the clothes and makes an illusion of a taller and slimmer you.

Wear skirts and dresses above your knee-length – especially in summer a lot of floral skirts or dresses can be worn that makes you look taller. The idea is to show your legs and not be afraid of revealing them to the world.