5 things to never say to in-laws

Avoid saying this to your mother-in-law and thus avoid a lot of pain.

Mother in law

  • The food would be better with some more spice or salt – never criticise her cooking. Always maintain a calm composure during dinner and even better, praise the food she has made.
  • Please don’t tell me what I’m supposed to do – she might be habituated to dole out uncalled for advice. But act patient and don’t claw back.
  • Can you come some other day please – if she plans on coming, let her in. Don’t tell her when to come. If you’re engaged elsewhere that day, tell that honestly. What she does afterwards is entirely her calling.
  • But you always favour them – The ‘them’ could be anyone, from your co-sisters to brothers-in-law. Even if this is apparent, stay away from saying it aloud. Ignore as best as you can and move on.
  • Your son just doesn’t held around – please, please never complain about your husband to his mother. For his mother, he is the best. No matter what. If you want to express your outrage, do it before your friends or your own mother.