5 foods to eat on Ganesh Chaturthi

Gorge on these yummy delicacies all in the name of Lord Ganesha.

Modak – you can have these sweet momos either fried or steamed. Filled with a mixture of coconut, cardamom and jaggery, these taste superb.


Coconut ladoo—made of desiccated coconut, these melt-in-mouth ladoos are a must try.


Karanji – these flaky, fried pastry stuffed with jaggery and coconut make for a wonderful small bite.


Rice kheer– made with basmati rice, kesar, milk and dry fruits, this kheer is to be relished.

77-Rice Kheer

Patholi – made usually on the day of Gauri pooja, these pancakes steamed in a banana leaf are to die for.