5 exotic street foods to have in Bangalore

The cosmo flavour of Bangalore is well reflected in its street food. Try out these 5 unique concoctions that you’d see at hawkers stalls at the various nooks and corners of the city.


Filled with veggies or chicken, these yummy dumplings make for a great bite. You can have them steamed or fried with an extra spicy chutney.

momos (Copy)

Gobi Manchurian

An eternal favourite for almost all of Bangaloreans, the crisp cauliflower spiced with Indo-Chinese flavours is a must try when in the city.

Gobi-manchurian1 (Copy)

Boiled corn

For the health-conscious. Carts with selling hawking butter corn, masala corn, salt n pepper corn are a common sight in the city.

corn (Copy)


The big green peppers are ubiquitous at almost all bhajji stalls. Sliced or whole and dipped in a chichpea batter and fried to perfection, they make for a quick and spicy snack.

capsicum bajji (Copy)

Masala Puri

Bangalore’s own take on the chaat from Delhi and Mumbai, crushed puris are laden with spicy pea gravy and topped with sev, tomatoes and onions.