5 Beach Day Essentials

Now that its getting hotter we might as well get down into the cooler ocean and spend a day relaxing. Here are some must-haves for a day at the beach or by the pool .

1. Beach Bag
It’s always important to bring a good beach bag. One big enough to fit everything you need and as colorful as possible.


2. Sun Block 

The sun is nice to get a good tanned , but the last thing you would want is a burn .Make sure to have enough sunscreen on !


3. Sun Glasses
After all, we always like to look cute in our sunnies for those fun beach pics! Make sure to always have a good sturdy pair that you can push back into your  hair that you don’t mind getting a little salt water on, too.


4. Hat

The sun and sea water can damage your hair, in order to fight the former, nothing beats a good hat. A multitude of colors and shapes will suit your style.


5. Coverup
Bringing a coverup or easy and quick change of clothes is always a must. Make sure its something you don’t mind getting sandy or wet!